Coffee revolution?

This is interesting: a new single cup coffee brewer unveiled this weekend at Seattle’s Victrola. It’s called The Clover and it’s got coffee pros salivating. The concept is simple: measure and grind the right amount of coffee, brew it through stainless steel with PID controlled water set at the perfect temperature, et voila! Thirty seconds later you’ve got a freshly brewed cup of coffee made to precise specifications.

If the Clover lives up to the hype, it could bridge the gap between brewing the perfect cup and the commercial demands of putting out a lot of coffee. French presses bring out the subtle flavors of a bean, but they’re messy, require a lot of prep, and take longer to brew than many customers are content to wait for. Drip makers produce more coffee faster, but the taste can be subpar and large portions are often kept on tap beyond the point of freshness. The Clover has been said to match the quality of a press at a speed that’s practical in a commercial setting.

This would be great news for specialty coffee. Once people try an excellent coffee brewed the right way, the standard drip just doesn’t cut it anymore. The Clover could bring that experience to a much bigger customer base, raising the demand for excellent coffees with complexity and subtlety that are lost in today’s brewers.

Sound enticing? Victrola has more details and some photos of the machine in action.


3 thoughts on “Coffee revolution?”

  1. I visited a friend at her hip office setting in Pasadena and they had a Keurig. It was amazing. Different choices of coffees (blends and flavors); lightening quick speed; and it throws away the used coffee pack when it’s done. The coffee that it made was some of the best I’ve ever had, too.

    Yes, sir, that’s the wave of the future. Or maybe I’m just bitter because I’m still making the (bitter) coffee the old-fashioned way here on the 4th floor.

  2. I’d be bitter too if I was still drinking that think tank coffee (the 2nd floor’s isn’t any better). I trust you that the Keurig makes better stuff than that, but unlike the Keurig the Clover doesn’t use prepackaged pods of coffee ground who knows when. It’s designed to work with beans ground freshly on the spot. That’s an importance difference for the coffee geeks.

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