Aztek abuse

From a guy who had had a few drinks, in the parking lot last night as I was getting into my car:

“Oh man, is that a Pontiac Aztek? That’s a car that’ll make little children cry!”

I’m not sure what he meant by that. However, if Pontiac had used that motto in their commercials, I have a feeling the Aztek might still be in production today.


2 thoughts on “Aztek abuse”

  1. Add one more victim to the Pontiac aztek scenario!! I have an 01 with only 39k on it. Just found out that the intake gasket is leaking(not going to mention previous problems that were fixed under warranty thank God). Called the Pontiac cares hotline and found out that they don’t care at all……They did however give me the 50/50 deal and I was supposed to be happy about that. However, I felt as though they should have coved it in full. I asked them what they based there decision on? The only thing they could say was it 6yrs old….never mind about the mileage at 39k. So basically, what the were saying is, you don’t even have to drive them and they deteriorate. What planet am I on???


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