Links for 7/8/11

Iceland is considering making cigarettes a prescription-only product, allowing sales only to those diagnosed by doctors as addicts.

The latest project of Ricardo Cortes, illustrator of Go the Fuck to Sleep, is a pamphlet encouraging juries to nullify in trials of non-violent drug offenders.

I feel like the intersection of criminal juries and Skyline Chili is something should write about, but I’m not going to. I will leave you with this from @tbrandis though: “Criminal justice is a dish best served 5 ways!”

Unfortunately this show directed by Neil Patrick Harris and starring magician Guy Hollingworth is sold out while I’m in LA. It sounds fascinating.

Tomorrow night a couple of my friends are collaborating on a beer and cigar pairing event at East Burn. $50 gets you 3 cigars, 5 beers, snacks, and a copy of the 33 Cigars notebook.

So far I’m liking Google+; my profile is here.