Links for 6/13/11

So you want to write a book? Advice from 23 successful authors.

I have an expanded version of my post about rum and trademarks up today at the food and beverage site Daily Blender.

Art of Drink explains how the unintended consequences of Prohibition resulted in thousands of Americans getting “Jake Leg” from adulterated ginger drinks.

Last week I made the switch from the iPhone to the new Google Nexus. Before switching I wanted to export my text messages to PC, which I assumed would be a straightforward task. In fact I had to use a damn SQL browser to do it. In case you also want to do this, here are directions.

Unfortunately, switching means I can’t download this excellent looking Asian Market Shopper app from Chronicle Books.

Blogger turned bartender Matt Robold writes about five things he’s learned working behind a professional bar.

If The New York Times is writing about them, beer cocktails are officially a trend.

The upcoming Buddy Holly tribute album Rave on Buddy Holly sounds interesting. Here’s a preview of “Oh Boy” by She and Him.