House of Bols

I’m flying to Amsterdam today along with the rest of the Bols USA team to hunt the Kopstootje in its native habitat of the Netherlands. I’ll be back on Thursday, hopefully with a suitcase full of genevers, kruidenbitter, and maybe even the intriguing Bols yoghurt liqueur.

My schedule will be pretty packed, but any recommendations for site-seeing or places to get good coffee (by which I really do mean coffee) are appreciated.

[Photo by Effervescing Elephant.]


  1. Connor says:

    There used to be a pop up Stumptown in the ground floor of a design firm, not sure if it is still there.

  2. DavidS says:

    Rough life. Have a great trip.

  3. Arne Kuilman says:

    Don’t forget to visit Pasteuning ! ( ) Walking distance from Bols. Exit Bols to right, cross crossing and then left hand side.
    They also sell the best coffee of the Netherlands (as souvenir?), namely Golden Coffeebox roasted beans.

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