Mama’s gonna be so proud

Friends from my more staid days at Vandy and Cato may have joked that getting me to play beer pong would be a newsworthy event. Apparently, they were right. From the Washington City Paper’s “Show and Tell” column about Dr. Dremo’s games being shut down by the evil Virginia ABC:

“It concerned the agents that [the game] would cause people to overconsume,” says [ABC spokesman Betty] Gettings, who thinks the operatives made a sound judgment call. “I happen to know from personal experience—not that I’ve played; I have a son that told me what it is—that it would induce drinking to excess.”

It’s a charge that some Dremo’s beer-pongers dispute. “Given how long it took my friends and I to make our tosses, playing the game probably moderated our alcohol intake,” says 23-year-old Arlington resident Jacob Grier, who confesses to having lost his “Beirut virginity” at Dremo’s on Sept. 10. “We had one pitcher of beer for the entire game, and we didn’t even finish it,” Grier says. “We would have definitely finished a pitcher rather quickly if it was just the five of us sitting around drinking.”

I wouldn’t necessarily extrapolate my own experience to all players, but it’s still a stupid ruling. It was completely discretionary and took away one of the things that made Dremo’s a unique part of the neighborhood. Which is exactly what Chad says, who is also quoted:

“We can sit anywhere and drink beer,” says Arlington brew hound Chad Wilcox, “but Dremo’s allows us to have a different experience by being active and doing something exciting.”

To Wilcox and others, that excitement is called beer pong.

I like that I’m a “resident” and Chad is a “brew hound.” That sounds about right.


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