Surreal navigation problem

Here’s a case study in how not to give directions, taken from an actual cell phone conversation Saturday night with a friend who shall remain nameless:

“Hey, we’re on P Street, where are you?” I said.

“We’re on T Street.”

“You’re on P Street?”

“No, T Street. ‘T’ as in ‘pterodactyl.'”


5 thoughts on “Surreal navigation problem”

  1. That’s going to go down in history as one of my all-time favorite quotes/conversations…right up there with something about cake.

    Glad I could witness this one first-hand.

  2. Not to excessively ridicule said person, but I would like to belatedly note for the record that said person chose pterydactyl carefully after thinking to himself “T as in ‘teriyaki’? No, idiot, that doesn’t start with T!” (If this is any indication of said person’s level of intoxication at the time….)

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