Links for 4/6/11

The open tabs are overflowing!

Keep Food Legal, “the first and only nationwide membership organization devoted to culinary freedom” founded by my friend Baylen Linnekin, has opened up its first membership drive. Join here.

The Atlantic summarizes how beer and wine wholesalers are lobbying Washington to secure their positions as middlemen and reduce consumer freedom.

The worst cocktail I have ever been served was a Martini made with cigarette infused Bombay Sapphire Gin. I expected it to be bad, but it exceeded my expectations of terribleness. Darcy O’Neil explains why tobacco infusions are also dangerous.

An interview with the always interesting Derek Brown, owner of the Columbia Room in DC.

Let’s have more teachers like Mr. Creamer, sponsor of high school atheist club.

I was lukewarm on the first Green Lantern trailer, but the new footage makes it look like this will be a fun movie.

Science reporters: Read this cartoon until you understand it, then post it in your work station.