Links for 2/12/11

Vanderbilt philosophy professor John Lachs sounds off on the “myth” of shared governance at contemporary universities.

Tyler Cowen’s take on state funding of the arts strikes me as on the money.

When I was in DC I dreaded CPAC, but with the two Pauls taking the convention by storm it sounds like this year’s might actually have been fun.

What’s going on at The New York Times? First an editorial against the city’s new outdoor smoking ban, then an article suggesting that private employer discrimination against smokers may be going to far. This is surprisingly reasonable tobacco coverage from the Grey Lady.

The latest attempt to prove that smoking bans reduce heart attacks is as faulty as the rest.

In Illinois, a bill would allow small breweries to opt out of the mandated three-tier distribution system and sell their beer directly to bars.

A fun look at the classic ferns bars of San Francisco.

Next time I visit Nashville, I’ll have to stop by bar No. 208.

Is Governor Kitzhaber’s sinful lifestyle the cause of weird winter weather? Teach the controversy!