Links for 2/5/11

If you’re in Portland tonight, come by the Hop and Vine for the grand opening of their bottle shop. Brewers and vintners will be on hand from 3-7 offering free wine and beer, then from 7-10 I’ll be behind the bar with Kyle Webster of St. Jack serving up $5 cocktails with House Spirits, Ransom Spirits, and Galliano. Details here.

Unsurprisingly, the only time I’m quoted in style magazines is when drinks are involved. This weekend I talk micheladas with Gilt MANual.

New York City becomes even more anti-smoker, banning smoking in outdoor parks and other areas. Whoopi Goldberg vows to fight the ban.

Meanwhile, in Bhutan, a Buddhist monk faces five years in prison for violating the king’s ban on tobacco sales.

The Institute for Justice has a new campaign: Defending food truck owners from protectionist policies backed by brick-and-mortar restaurants.

FYI, the US budget deficit is projected to be $1.5 trillion this year.