Beer cocktails in the Associated Press

I’m telling you, 2011 is going to be the year for beer cocktails. Today the AP picks up on the trend:

Something new is on tap on the bar scene as adventurous mixologists brew up beer cocktails.

“Beer as an ingredient can offer such a wide variety of flavors,” says Jacob Grier, a drinks blogger who tends bar at Metrovino in Portland, Ore. “They can be sweet and malty. They can have chocolate roast-y notes. It can be a great complement to a cocktail.”
For most people, beer and liquor have never been more than nodding acquaintances.

Sure, maybe you’ve had a shot with a beer chaser here, or, in more reckless moments, a boilermaker — in which the shot glass of liquor is dropped directly into the pint of beer.

But the new trend goes far beyond that, with mixologists looking for creative new ways to blend beer and booze.

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