Links for 1/20/11

Jeff at Cheap Talk takes a look at jury strategy and the conditions under which non-unanimous convictions may be preferable. It’s an angle I hadn’t thought of, and worth keeping in mind.

Mandates don’t stay modest” is possibly the most important meme in the continuing debate over health care reform.

Erin at Uncluttered is right: It’s worth taking the time to learn the names of people you encounter on a regular basis.

I hope you like Bell’s Beer (I do!), because odds are good you’ll be subsidizing their operations soon.

It was only a matter of time before a legislator tried to ban caffeinated alcoholic beverages; Iowa state senator Brian Schoenjahn gets there first.

A small town in New York has extended its smoking ban to include all public sidewalks.

Casting for The Dark Knight Rises is now complete; I’m looking forward to Nolan’s take on Bane.

Good Spirits News reviews the Cocktail Collective: “[A] great little 100 page book to keep in your pocket as a reference or to challenge your local bartender when out on the town.” Buy it here.