Links for 1/4/11

Why not start your new year off with some links?

Libertarians and the art of letting go:

Libertarians view, or should view, the story of politics as one of fitfully learning to let go of power. Letting go is most certainly an art to be learned. It doesn’t come to us intuitively. Instead, it appears intuitive to think that planning, regimentation, and following a consciously designed order are the only rational ways to run a society. As a result, letting go can appear to be a default on our responsibilities. Yet letting go often has very good results…

David Weigel highlights ten conservatives to watch in 2011.

Clover is getting into the pour-over coffee game.

Hard to argue with this list of the five worst comics of 2010.

Writing in the Oregonian, John Foyston calls beer cocktails one of the “surprising trends” in beer from 2010. Here are a few more beer cocktail recipes from Wine Enthusiast.

Camper English takes a look at the evolution of the Martini, a drink whose name has been more constant than its recipe.

Given Portland’s love of both coffee and strip clubs, it’s surprising we don’t yet have a café con piernas.