Links for 12/23/10

Toll of the drug war: 12,000 people killed in Mexico this year alone.

In Montana, “jury mutiny” prevents marijuana case from going to trial.

On the topic of smoking bans and heart attacks, there’s really no underestimating the dishonesty of the contemporary anti-tobacco movement.

Beware of disappearing Y-axes.

By some strange cosmic coincidence, my current employer, Metrovino, and my past employer, the Cato Institute, both show up in this CNN article about streetcars. I side with Randal O’Toole on this one. (Also, having formerly worked in Cato’s media department, a friendly note to CNN: Cato is not an acronym, stop capitalizing the whole damn name.)

Allison Jones from Lemon Basil took some great shots of our brunch cocktail event at Irving Street Kitchen; two more are coming up in January.

If you’re in Portland, the New School New Year’s Eve party sounds like it’s going to be an epic celebration for beer lovers.