Hendrie Top Ten

In honor of the Phil Hendrie free website weekend, here’s a Top Ten list of bits from the show:

10. Art Griego: Top Gun (Maverick and Goose?)
09. Austin Amarka: Zerocks
08. R. C. Collins: Hamlet Soliloquy
07. Pastor William Rennick: Modernized Christmas Pageant
06. Chris Norton: I’ll teach your man to dance
05. Flashback – Bud Dickman: Pee Wee
04. Phil Hendrie (Just Mr. Hendrie): Phil Linton’s Kid Quiz!
03. Don (Others A-M): Easter Bunny staredown
02. Jeff Dowder: Chicks in Space
01. Bobbie Dooley: A dark hole


3 thoughts on “Hendrie Top Ten”

  1. I’m a huge Phil Hendrie fan and I didn’t know about several of these bits, you should post the dates if you know them.

    Cool blog!

  2. Is the Kid Quiz the one with Jeff Dowder (Professor Jeff Dowder in the one I remember)? I would love to get my hands on that show again where Dowder would ask the kids three questions with the first two being real easy like “What does a dog say?” and the last one being real hard like “How many centimeters did the spines of astronaunts shrink during their space flights?”

    It was so funny listening to the parents take the phones from the kids to fuss at Dowder.

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