Brewing Up Cocktails returns!


This Saturday night Ezra Johnson-Greenough of the New School, Yetta Vorobik of the Hop and Vine, and I are hosting the sequel to our event dedicated to mixing with beer, Brewing Up Cocktails. We have six drinks on tap this time, ranging from a cheeky deconstruction of the Irish Car Bomb to a traditional wassail made with Deschutes Jubelale. Ezra’s presenting a cocktail per day over at his blog, so head over there for all the details.


My favorite drink on the menu is the Hot Scotchy, a treat enjoyed by homebrewers combining whiskey and hot, unfermented wort (the sweet, malty mash that is eventually fermented into beer). For our event the wort is provided by Upright Brewing and the whisky is the peat-heavy Ardbeg 10. Jeff Alworth of Beervana sampled a version of the Hot Scotchy with Talisker last week and pronounced it “the greatest beverage in the world.” How can you say no to an endorsement like that?

The event runs from 6-10 this Saturday at the Hop and Vine. All drinks are individually priced. A few of the ingredients are in limited quantities, so I’d suggest arriving early if there’s a particular drink you’re eager to try.

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[Photos by “SNOB” Ritch.]