Links 11/11/10, corduroy edition

This blog’s favorite holiday has arrived: Corduroy Appreciation Day! It happens every year on 11/11, the day that most closely resembles corduroy. The Corduroy Appreciation Club meets in New York today for festivities with Jesse Thorn of Put This On, where they promise to unveil the “beer that most resembles corduroy.” Way back in 2007 I suggested Guinness, writing that “with its soft, creamy texture, brown and black coloring, and conspicuously upward-flowing bubbles suggesting verticality, it’s the ultimate choice for 11/11.” I’ll be curious to see what they come up with. Related: The New Yorker on the birth of corduroy appreciation.

Speaking of fashion, the Portland edition of Thrillist launches today edited by Patrick Alan Coleman. Coincidence or is PAC a fan of fine waling? Sign up here to find out.

After a complaint from Brazil, the WTO rules that US cotton subsidies violate our trade agreements. Do we a) end the subsidies or b) agree to subsidize Brazilian cotton farmers too?

This is your War on Drugs: Eat a bagel, lose a baby.

Ryan Young and Caleb Brown explain why a proposal to require tax preparers to register with the IRS is an anti-consumer sop to companies like H&R Block.

Having not yet visited Bols headquarters in Amsterdam, I’m going to assume it really does feature instantaneous beard growth and cocoa beans cheerfully offering themselves for decapitation.

Real-life gadgets of real-life superheroes.

“I’m honestly not sure how I got to the point where it’s my actual job to watch porn movies about Batman and talk about them on the Internet, but if you notice any deja vu or missing time over the next couple days, don’t worry; it’s just my fifteen year-old self trying to high-five me through the time barrier.”

This job listing headline would be much less exciting with the correct apostrophe.


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  1. My vote’s for Boddington’s. When you drink it, it leaves foam lines after each sip, so there’s a bunch of parallel lines going down your pint glass after you’re done.

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