Links for 10/20/10

It takes a full 10 seconds to scroll through all the tabs I have open in Firefox right now. Time for some overdue linkage…

Radley Balko makes the case for abolishing BAC-based drunk driving laws and replacing them with greater enforcement against reckless driving, regardless of the source of impairment.

This is a good column from Virginia Postrel about bicycle helmet laws. They do save a small number of lives, in part by increasing helmet usage. But there’s a second cause for the reduction in deaths:

Using surveys of parents, the professors find that about 650,000 fewer children ride bikes each year after helmet laws go into effect. That’s about 81,000 fewer riders for every life saved. Helmets may save lives, but the dork factor also takes its toll.

XKCD on homeopathy, etc.: “Eventually, arguing that these things work means arguing that modern capitalism isn’t that ruthlessly profit-focused.”

Via authentic Yooper Iced Borscht, a mysterious crack has formed in the earth of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A tiny earthquake seems to be at fault (pun not intended, but I’m leaving it in anyway).

A California law relaxes food safety standards to allow the sale of delicious hand-made noodles.

The Cato Institute has launched an iPhone app, which I’ll be using to get a dose of libertarianism every time I’m stuck waiting in line at Oregon’s legally mandated service gas pumps.

I will not be satisfied until I’ve had an Old-Fashioned made with 100,000-year-old ice.

Portland Cocktail Week kicks off tonight at Spints Alehouse. If you’re local, be sure to join us at some of these events.

Last night I saw Belle and Sebastian on tour. The show and their new album Write About Love are both fantastic.