Phil Hendrie free weekend!

Good news, everybody! The Phil Hendrie Show website is available for free this weekend. It normally costs about $7 a month, and the last time they did this promotion we Vandy students were on vacation and away from high-speed Internet access. The timing is better this time, however, so now all can be exposed to the glory that is the Phil Hendrie Show. (Previously only my unfortunate dorm neighbors were exposed to it, often for hours on end.)

For the uninitiated, Phil Hendrie runs a radio talk show out of L. A. of which I am a fan (some would say I’m obsessed). Like many talk shows, his guests are often stupid or insane. What sets his show apart, however, is that his guests are actually him speaking in funny voices. Real people call in to the show not realizing this and Phil gets to moderate the arguments between the callers and his made up characters.

Sound fun? It is. Sometimes it’s pointed satire, sometimes it’s just silly, but it’s always humorous. The free weekend starts sometime on Friday, so check it out. (For the full length audio files click on the “Classic Clips” link on the main page.)

Note to D. C. friends: the show may air weekdays at 7:00 pm on WCHA 800 AM, but I don’t know for sure.


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