Links for 10/4/10

In yet another victory for property rights, the Galveston city council has largely reversed its smoking ban to allow smoking in venues that cater only to adults. In Michigan an alliance of business owners is citing lost sales in an attempt to reverse the ban there too. And in Cincinnati, citizens with nothing better to do have reported the Reds for lighting cigars in the clubhouse after winning their first division title in fifteen years.

Are taxpayer receipts a good idea? Dan Rothschild explains how receipts would be gamed. Peter Suderman suggests the outcome might not be what progressives expect.

At the Examiner, I write more about Chris Dudley and the minimum wage debate.

I can’t believe I missed Preparation 500 day! You can’t make stuff like this up. This is why I cringe when people tell me a wine is “biodynamic.”

What would a David E. Kelley TV show about Wonder Woman be like? I find it impossible to imagine, but it is happening.

Dating a writer is overrated. But dating a cocktail writer is awesome.