Links for 9/29/10

On the topic of minimum wage laws, a good paragraph from South Bend Seven:

Almost no voters think of the minimum wage as a floor on the price they get to charge for their services. I wish they would, because that’s obviously what it is. But no one thinks of a minimum wage law as a prohibition on discounting their own labor.

Related links from SB7: How minimum wage laws give illegal immigrants in the US a competitive advantage in hiring and create unemployment in South Africa.

I never expected the Obama Administration would be particularly good on civil liberties, but asserting the power to assassinate US citizens without judicial review or due process goes beyond even my pessimistic predictions.

Drink a kopstootje to this: The Dutch partially roll back their smoking ban to allow smoking in owner-operated pubs.

GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Nicorette gum and the NicoDerm patch, is urging the government to ban other cigarette alternatives made by tobacco companies.

A look at the preferred alcoholic beverages along two New York commuter rail lines.

This Oregonian has very different ideas of “fun” and “profit” than I do. I took my bottles to a recycling machine precisely once before deciding that my time was too valuable for that. Now I put them in the bin at my apartment building, where presumably someone else gets the nickels in exchange for taking them off my hands.

An awesome collection of Calvin and Hobbes mash-ups from various comic creators.