Links for 9/24/10

Who bears the burden of higher cigarette taxes? In Oregon, at least, the state’s tax hike didn’t affect smoking rates among low-income adults, which makes the tax very regressive.

Caleb Brown and Deborah Elson note that calls for greater regulation of DC food trucks are largely driven by protectionist impulses of the brick-and-mortar restaurants that haven’t had to compete with innovative start-ups.

Tim Lee argues that deregulation has strong roots in the liberal (not just libertarian!) tradition: “The free-market and free-trade arguments of 19th Century liberals often took a populist, anti-business cast precisely because government interventions of the time were often such blatant attempts to benefit entrenched interests at the expense of the general public.”

Radley Balko takes a look at the best technology for recording on-duty cops and how doing so holds them accountable. Case in point: The wrongful arrest of Adam from Liberty on Tour in Las Vegas.

The Seattle Times comes out in favor of I-1100, against I-1105.

And the award for most confused economics blog post goes to…