Links for 9/18/10

I love this God Shot post about what makes Portland’s food and drink scene punch above its weight: “Some of these crazy ideas fail – even in Portland. But Portland is the kind of safe place where you can still try the crazy ideas. Portland is the place that says ‘rules are bullshit – do what you want to.” Mark Prince is also digging Portland coffee after his recent visit.

Nevermind the Bush tax cuts. How about the Bush spending increases?

Molly Norris, the cartoonist who inspired Everybody Draw Mohammad Day, has been driven underground by death threats from Islamic radicals.

Jason Kuznicki has an insightful post applying Bastiat’s seen/unseen cost distinction to Miranda warnings.

Bjorn Lomborn explains his so-called “U-turn” on climate change. Short version: It’s not the problem that got worse, it’s the solutions that got better.

Michael Bloomberg is going forward with his absurd proposal to ban smoking in all New York City parks and on some sidewalks.

Beer distributors aren’t just afraid of competition from liberalized distribution laws. They’re also afraid of legalized marijuana.