Links for 8/15/10

Do bicycle helmets increase rider safety? The empirical evidence is mixed, as Robin Hanson explains here. I was surprised to learn that 37 US states have mandatory helmet laws.

The calorie labeling law will apply not just to food, but to alcoholic drinks as well

Italian soda: Not so Italian really.

Amanda at Metrocurean picks her top seven spots to splurge if you have money in DC. And really, where else does anyone have money these days?

The speed with which these Chinese workers package decks of cards is more impressive than a lot of sleight of hand.

This comic book needs to happen. Am i wrong?


1 thought on “Links for 8/15/10”

  1. 37 US states have mandatory helmet laws? My God, that’s enough for a Constitutional amendment!

    Also, as far as the comic goes: no, you’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole.

    (Of course I don’t really think you’re an asshole, but you can’t argue it wasn’t the proper response to the question.)

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