Links for 9/9/10

Michael Munger’s tips for how to write less badly are invaluable.

Matt Welch on the creeping authoritarianism of “There has to be some type of structure.”

Danah Boyd explains how censoring Craigslist adult services section reduces transparency and will likely drive many prostitutes back to abusive pimps.

Only a magician would come up with such detailed instructions for using a disposable coffee cup. I’m not even sure this is the best way. Several Twitter commenters and I all suggest putting the opening of the lid opposite of the seam. You could also use a Biddle Grip.

Speaking of coffee cups, the Boston Globe has a good article on why making a greener vessel is hard, including a suggestion that styrofoam isn’t necessarily worse than paper.

New York City requires letter grades for restaurant health inspections. Market immediately develops for counterfeit A grade certificates.