Links for 9/3/10

It’s been a month since I stopped doing daily morning links, and the change in traffic is… undetectable. It’s actually up a bit from June and July, though lower than February through May. So I’m going to stick with the current format for a while, which is more fun for me to write and that I can blow off when I want to. On to the links…

Free the ‘Shine! Another good video from on why it’s time to give home distillers the same freedom enjoyed by home brewers.

When I wrote about privatizing the DMV last week, I was unaware of the epic fail going on in Virginia.

At Crispy on the Outside, Baylen Linnekin interviews the director of nutrition at FoodCALC, a company that helps restaurants calculate the nutritional information in their meals. Interestingly, she notes that most of their clients come from restaurants that aren’t covered by the upcoming labeling law and are responding to consumer demand. She also predicts that smart phones will play a greater role in helping people eat healthier.

If I were eligible I’d sign up for Greg Mankiw’s freshman seminar.

USA Today interviews Whole Foods CEO John Mackey.

10 moments of spontaneous badassery

For visitors: How to use an escalator in DC.