Cool new social networking site

Eh, not really. But it is a creepy and disturbing (for its anti-privacy implications) new way to use GoogleMaps. Combined with states’ public Megan’s Law databases, this site allows you to search your neighborhood for registered sex offenders. Type in your address and you will (hopefully!) show up as a blue pin on the map. Scan the map around your house and look for the red pins — those are the sex offenders. One click and you get their name and photograph; two clicks takes you to their full page of information.

So, who wants to have a potluck?

[Via TMN.]


2 thoughts on “Cool new social networking site”

  1. Woohoo! I’m blue! (Da ba dee da ba da)

    Is there subtle partisanship in making the good people blue and the bad ones red, I wonder?

  2. I’m blue, but my next door neighbor is red. Sorry Jacob, but he’s creepy and disturbing, not a site that helps me protect myself. You give up certain rights when you commit a crime, and one of those might be right to privacy. But I do have some good articles on cost-benefit analysis of over-criminalization and over-regulation for you to read.

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