Intermittent blogging ahead

Blogging has been intermittent this week without excuse. The next two weeks may be just as bad, but with excuses. Starting tomorrow I vanish into the District to assist at this year’s IHS Liberty and Current Issues seminar. Working these seminars always makes for a great experience with interesting people, so I’m very glad to be back. Whether I get any blogging done will depend on how frequently the attendees — and faculty — require my services as purchaser of beer in mass quantities.

After that I’ll have one day in Arlington before leaving for my annual trip to the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, my favorite place in the world. Highlights of the vacation should include crewing once again in the three day sailing regatta and my first magic gig in several years. Rumor has it the nearby town of Cedarville now has free wi-fi in its new library, so I may be spending a little time online. Cell phone access will probably be nil, but that’s part of the appeal in a landscape like this:



4 thoughts on “Intermittent blogging ahead”

  1. Don’t worry… My blogging has been regularly “intermittent” – and due to being the CR Chair this last academic year, it’s probably been even worse than that!

    One of my co-workers was recently the Mackinak area, for vacation with his girlfriend. I wasn’t aware of that area before he mentioned it… Perhaps that’s the same place that you’re going to.

    Is it a popular vacation spot? I wasn’t aware that one of those existed in Michigan.

    Perhaps I should try to go there, one of these days…

  2. Hey Aakash,

    Our place is in the Les Cheneaux Islands, about 18 miles east of Mackinac. They’re not known nearly as well and are more rustic.

    Mackinac Island is a popular vacation spot, especially for a slightly older crowd. The islands of the U.P are beautiful and underestimated. I recommend them!

  3. Thanks. It’s part of Lake Huron, but it’s just a channel. Most of the boating we do here is among the channels between the many islands in Les Cheneaux (which, appropriately, is French for “The Channels”).

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