Who wants to have Five Guys with me?

As Gene says, “perhaps gentrification does suck.” But extended gentrification can be awesome.

I’m referring to the Five Guys that’s going to be opening in September in the new Navy League building currently finishing up construction in Courthouse. Five Guys makes some of the juiciest, tastiest burgers around, and it’s about time they found their way into Arlington. Score one for the Orange Line!

The other new restaurants will be a smoothie bar called Robeks (a healthy alternative for Five Guys day after guilt), a Sala Thai relocated from Washington Blvd., and a new American place named Fire Creek. Washington Business Journal has the full story.

[Tip of the hat to the Murky Coffee blog. And I know that the “score one for the Orange Line” bit was incredibly lame, but it’s late and I’m running with it anyway.]


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