Thirdhand smoke is real and insignificant

This blog has previously chronicled attempts to scare people into persecuting smokers based on trumped up fears of “thirdhand smoke,” residue left on clothes and furniture after a smoker lights up. New research attempts to measure levels of this residue directly by artificially re-suspending particles left behind by a smoking device:

These quantitative data support the hypothesis of a resuspension from the cigarette smoke surface contamination. However, this airborne contamination through resuspension remains much lower (100 times) than that of secondhand smoke.

In other words, there’s nothing to worry about.


2 thoughts on “Thirdhand smoke is real and insignificant”

  1. As it goes, and with little science, the more sensitive noses of kids can send you and your wares to the dry cleaner. And for me it wasn’t smoke, but the wayward splash of Ardbeg. And oddly not that cigar in Miami!

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