About those morning links…

Since January, 2008 I’ve been posting daily collections of links each morning Monday through Friday. I think it was a good idea at the time; traffic and RSS subscriptions both increased significantly for most of that period. However I’m no longer sure they’re worthwhile as a regular feature. I haven’t had as much time for blogging lately, my work keeps me out at night, and Twitter and various other tools have somewhat replaced blogs as means for spreading simple links.

I’ll be upgrading and redesigning the site soon and need to decide whether or not to keep a space for morning links, so for the next month or so I’m going to experiment with format. I’ll mostly be writing shorter, more frequent posts. This doesn’t preclude posts of assembled links, but I won’t be writing them every day. They may or may not show up on the sidebar (they’ll appear in RSS either way). Let me know what you think.

Toward a supply-side theory of assorted links


4 thoughts on “About those morning links…”

  1. I like the links posts a lot, but don’t feel that they need to be done every day. Maybe publishing a links post whenever you’re batched together six or eight would be a compromise?

  2. I like what Brendan Nyhan is doing now and hopefully will be doing myself pretty soon if it works in a way that works for me. He just puts in a Twitter RoundUp. Doing it manually is pretty tedious, but if his program provided an editable feed, it might be the way to go. Tweet your links and just post the feed when you a moment.

  3. I reluctantly agree with SB7. I would say your links posts are my best source of interesting articles. I always go through them, and make sure to catch up when I’ve gotten behind. I’d hate to see them go completely.

  4. @Barzelay: I experimented today with a new format for them more similar to what Radley Balko does. It won’t necessarily appear every day, and it will appear in the body of the blog so as to allow a little more commentary. Hopefully this will make it a little easier for me to keep up with them and also make them more interesting.

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