Farley flashback

For the Vandy people in the audience: Jeff Woodhead reports on a surprise phone call he received from chronically and comically angry math professor Jonathan Farley.


16 thoughts on “Farley flashback”

  1. He contacted me as well, on a Saturday morning no less. June 26th. I haven’t got around to doing the research to write my post about my experience with it. Expect something in the next couple days.

  2. The plot thickens at Jeff’s post….somebody calling herself Eva enters the fray defending Dr. Farley. And what’s this about him contacting David? Wasn’t David defending him?! What the hell?

    Oh, and Jacob, happy belated birthday. You’re cool, too.

  3. Mike, I know! I feel so left out.

    Thanks, Ben. I’ll take your comment in lieu of a post, since we’ve no plans to marry.

  4. Jacob, I think it’d be hilarious if you called him demanding to know why you haven’t been contacted yet. I have his number if you want it 🙂

  5. Jeff, that’s an awesome idea. “Professor Farley, I demand a retraction of your non-demand for retraction in the call you didn’t make to me last week!”

  6. Jacob – I just went back and read your Farley article. I had forgotten just how awesome those last two paragraphs were…

  7. Jonathan Farley gave a lecture (mathematics related) at my place of employment, Lafayette College, last fall. When I was reading the announcement in the school newspaper about it, there was a short bio on him. Oddly, there was no mention of him ever being employed at Vanderbilt. heh

  8. Justin, that’s odd. Maybe we weren’t his favorite place of employment.

    David, I had to disable trackbacks for a while because the MT-Blacklist had grown so large that checking spam pings against it was eating through all the server’s capacity. They’ll be re-enabled when I transition to WordPress.

  9. You’re getting rid of Movable Type? Why? Is WordPress supposed to be better? Can you send me a trackback ping some time? I don’t even know whether mine work.

  10. I just sent a ping from this entry to your Farley entry and it worked, so your site appears to be working fine.

    There aren’t any pressing reasons to switch from MT to WP, but WP seems to be the better choice in the long run. The two main advantages are that it doesn’t require the rebuilding process MT does every time you make a change and that it is distributed under the GNU GPL, so the future of the program isn’t tied to any one company. When MT 3.0 came out and was less than stunning, lots of people decided that WP was the blog software with the most innovation going for it. It also has no restrictions on having multiple authors, which MT 3.0 did at one time (it may still, I don’t know).

    I’ve been wanting to redesign my site anyway, so now that I’m doing that I figured I might was well switch to WP while I’m at it.

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