Ron Zacapa, good cigars, and Portland summer

Scotch and cigars are a classic pairing, but lately I’ve been turning more and more toward rum as my spirit of choice when enjoying a cigar. One of my favorite rums for smoking is the incredibly rich Ron Zacapa Centenario, a Guatemalan rum distilled from sugar cane “honey” and aged for 23 years via the solera method. In short, this means that rum lost to evaporation one year is replaced with rum from the next, meaning that each barrel contains a blend of rums from each year. The rum is smooth, sweet, and very cooling, which can be an agreeable feature when having a cigar. For people who haven’t paired rum and cigars before, Zacapa is an eye-opening experience.

On Tuesday, July 13, my friend Ed Ryan from the Portland Cigar Club and I putting together an event at Alu Wine Bar and Lounge to bring together Ron Zacapa and cigars on the Alu patio. Ed’s bringing in two cigars, the Honduras Caribbean Honduran Puro Maduro and the Kinky Friedman Kinkycristo, which is a blend of Honduran & Nicaraguan tobaccos wrapped in a Costa Rican binder and a Honduran wrapper. These will be matched with Ron Zacapa served neat and in two cocktails. This is a fantastic deal, but space is limited, so buy your ticket on PayPal to reserve your seat.


3 thoughts on “Ron Zacapa, good cigars, and Portland summer”

  1. I remember the first time I had Ron Zacapa. I was smoking a La Flor Chisel. It was a strong cigar, offset by a sweet rum that had my head swimming by the end of the smoke. I haven’t touched Bacardi since that day (7 yrs and counting).
    It may be different for others, but in my experience, Zacapa and is best with darker Honduran cigars. Nicaraguan cigars are great, but it really depends on the cigar. I usually have an Oliva V with Zacapa… Joya De Nicaragua…not so much.
    Many of my friends have hated rum in the past…due to the generic tastes of Bacardi, Captain Morgan, etc…once I turned them on to Zacapa, they changed their tune. We now have a collection of rums at our cigar hangout…it’s quite lovely.

  2. I agree with LJ above, the darker cigars go best with such a sweet drink, and if you’re experiencing the nuance of flavors in your smoke, you want to be sure to have a unique beverage that holds its own.

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