Little things to make life easier

Tommy Keswick, my fellow Cato intern from a couple of years ago, points out a couple of handy utilities on the PowerToys page for WinXP users. One is Tweak UI, which lets you change parts of the Windows interface that aren’t normally accessible to the user. The second is Image Resizer, which makes it very easy and fast to resize individual or groups of images without opening them up in a photo editor.

I also like the Alt-tab Replacement PowerToy. It adds preview images to the choices of application you have open. This would be especially useful for those of you not using tabbed browsing.

I tried all three this afternoon and like them. Others are available, too.


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  1. I think in a few years you will be able to write a book about all the interesting forms of employment you have had. Then you will have to go on NPR to discuss it, hehe.

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