Seriously, privatize the OLCC

Though the previous post mentions one relic of Prohibition falling away in Oregon, plenty of others live on. Here’s the latest asinine ruling from the Oregon DOJ and OLCC:

Law enforcement officials are putting a stop to the home-brew and home-wine-making competitions at this year’s Oregon State Fair.

KATU reported on the glitch in state law that at the time put the home-brewing competition in jeopardy. Late Friday, Oregon State Fair Manager Connie Bradley learned from the Department of Justice that the law requires both its beer and wine competitions to be shut down.

“The issue has to do with the judging,” Bradley said Monday. “Judges are considered the public, and we cannot have the public tasting amateur wine or beer.”

The competitions have been going on for 30 years under existing law. The agencies have just now decided to interpret the rule to mean that allowing judges to taste homemade beers and wine counts as serving to the public.

People actually get paid with tax dollars to enforce these stupid rules. With the state budget in a mess and OLCC privatization an issue in upcoming elections, hopefully this will be one more nail in the coffin of one of our least useful agencies.

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1 thought on “Seriously, privatize the OLCC”

  1. I don’t see any point in the OLCC. We do fine regulating other things like cigarettes without a government middle-man. Arcane alcohol laws only serve to harm producers and consumers alike because we all have to pay for the OLCC.

    A simple solution would be to do away with the OLCC and distribution laws and tax alcohol at a rate that represents the social cost of alcohol consumption.

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