What the heck is a kopstootje?


Literally it means “little headbutt” in Dutch, but if you order it in a Netherlands bar you’ll get something much nicer: a shot of genever and a glass of beer. It’s a traditional way to drink genever. To spread the tradition to Portland I’m organizing a few events around town and introducing people to the combination. Of course the genever will be from Bols. The beer would normally be a lager, and a good pils is indeed a great choice here, but this is Beervana we’re talking about. We’re not going to keep people away from top-fermenting yeasts and buckets of hops if that’s what they prefer.

We have three events scheduled so far and more in the works, bringing us into each of Portland’s five quadrants. To join us for a kopstootje, meet us at any of these venues starting around 6 pm:

June 10: Hop and Vine, 1914 N Killingsworth Street
June 16: Spints Alehouse, 401 NE 28th Avenue
June 17: North 45, 517 NW 21st Avenue

Come back to this post for additional events coming soon.

[Photo from the Bols Genever Oregon launch event at Carlyle taken by David Lanthan Reamer.]


3 thoughts on “What the heck is a kopstootje?”

  1. I mentioned to my friend Tara (who has a Dutch background) that you were now working as a rep for Bols, and she mentioned this tradition, laughing about the name.

  2. Not sure how the Dutch would feel about pairing the Bols with a decidedly German Koenig Weissbier. Both malty yet fresh and crisp.

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