The first post – jumping on the bandwagon

After nearly a year spent using and updating a site built with MS FrontPage, I’ve leapt onto the bandwagon and converted my website to blog (short for weblog) format. Besides looking a lot better (see “My Other Pages” linked at the left), the Movable Type software adds many new features to the site: it’s easier to update, I can do it from any computer hooked up to the Internet, and it automatically archives everything posted.

More importantly, the new site is interactive, so feel free to add comments to anything posted. Now if I write something stupid, you can point that out in public instead of just sending me an e-mail!

I’ll continue to post links to articles and humor as I did on the old site, along with news, interesting finds on the Web, and mini-reviews of various things. With the greater ease of use and interactivity I’ll probably be updating it more frequently than I did in the past, too. Check back every once in a while, and I’ll do my best not to make it a complete waste of time.

Let me know what you think. Also, if you’ve got a homepage not linked on the left it’s not because I don’t like you, but because I don’t know about it. We can fix that with an e-mail.

Enjoy the site!


3 thoughts on “The first post – jumping on the bandwagon”

  1. What other bandwagons has Jacob been on? To name a few: Furby, Vanilla Ice, Pop Rocks, the Pet Rock, Chia Pets, and Jesus. He denies that last one to this day, so try to get him to admit to this blog in five years.

  2. Uh oh, the little known secrets of Jacob Grier! With all his friends’ help, we can have him regretting/denying this site in far less than 5 years!

  3. Hey, Jacob!

    I enjoyed looking at your three websites! Have fun in Washington!

    If you check out the enclosed link, then click on TIPS and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS to find my article.

    Regards from your TN friend,


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