All about oyster stout

I’m writing a new drinks column for In my first article I take a look at the new popularity of stouts brewed with oysters:

For beer lovers, oysters and stout are a classic pairing. But how about oysters in stout? It may seem strange, but oyster stouts have emerged as one of the hot trends in beer this year, with brewers across the country tossing a few shellfish into traditional stouts.

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Culinate is also the website behind Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything iPhone app, which looks worth checking out for home cooks.

Oysters and beer. Oysters in beer?


  1. If you ever get a chance, try the Oyster Stout brewed by Three Boys Brewery, Christchurch, New Zealand. It’s in my NZ Top 10, especially if you can get it on hand pull….

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