Links for 5/25/10

The end of All Souls’ essay

Less transparency ahead for farm subsidies

Ridley on the half-life of governments and corporations

Brown’s slow drink manifesto

Two ways tennis scoring helps stronger players

Bourbon industry comes out against HR 5034

Banned from store shelves: Crystal Head vodka

Designed daylight via LED


  1. Ademi says:

    Grier is an idiot, he is terminating tcaheer positions saying its all about budget yet has huge billboards in California stating that HISD is hiring. Grier can’t you find competent educators here in Houston? People that are Texans and not from California where you left San Diego in ruins! Let California deal with its own problems, you don’t have to give away Texan Jobs and we don’t need an influx of people from California coming over here, we already had enough with Louisiana people coming over after the hurricane. Senator Gallegos we support you and we appreciate you standing up for us in HISD.

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