A simple sparkling cocktail

Over at About.com Lance Mayhew has posted a simple brunch or aperitif cocktail we recently came up with featuring Quady Essensia, an Orange Muscat dessert wine. The wine is delicious on its own but we wanted to play with it in mixed drinks too. This one adds in mild Canadian whiskey, Prosecco, and orange bitters; head over to About for the recipe for the Viscusi cocktail.

Incidentally the drink is named after Vanderbilt economist Kip Viscusi, whose book Smoke-Filled Rooms happened to be out on my counter while Lance and I were experimenting with drinks. I don’t know if Viscusi is into cocktails, but I hope he’ll be glad to find his name on one if he ever comes across it.


6 thoughts on “A simple sparkling cocktail”

  1. Came here from an MR link. This is my all-time favorite blog title. I’ll definitely be back.

  2. As far as I know he isn’t much of a cocktail guy, but I’m sure he will be delighted that one is named for him!

  3. This is a perfect drink for Kip – he’s a very friendly person. The cocktail sounds very enjoyable. I’ll get back with you after I try it.

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