It wasn’t me

So a day after I announce that I’m a brand ambassador some guy with diplomatic credentials causes a scene by violating a smoking ban:

A Mideast diplomat who grabbed a surreptitious smoke in a jetliner’s bathroom sparked a bomb scare and widespread alert that sent jet fighters scrambling to intercept the Denver-bound flight, officials said.

But no explosives were found and authorities speaking on condition of anonymity said they don’t think he was trying to hurt anyone and he will not be criminally charged. […]

Two law enforcement officials said investigators were told the man was asked about the smell of smoke in the bathroom and he made a joke that he had been trying to light his shoes – an apparent reference to the 2001 so-called “shoe bomber” Richard Reid.

Why is everyone looking at me? Brand ambassadors don’t even have diplomatic immunity. At least I don’t think they do, but that would be a hell of a perk.

[Via Reason.]


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  1. Late congrats on the new job! I actually might be going to open a new location in Bend and was curious about the size of your territory.

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