Links for 4/4/10

Climatology in crisis

Matt Ridley reviews The Hockey Stick Illusion

Yelp gets more transparent

Northern Virginia police not transparent at all

Preschoolers and branding

Did obesity increase begin earlier than believed?

Why drink? To meet smart women [Link fixed]


  1. Ben says:

    “Climatology in crisis”? Seriously? The so-called “ClimateGate” is shown to be sound and fury, signifying nothing (, but you provide a link saying it’s climate science that’s in crisis?

  2. Jeremy H. says:

    Ben: wow, the British House of Commons says there is “nothing to see here”? I’m sold!

  3. Jacob Grier says:

    @Ben: Did you read the article before commenting? Its two main points are that the reputation of the IPCC has been seriously tarnished and that significant questions remain about the extent of harm global warming could cause (not denial of its existence). ClimateGate was just the most visible part of that, the larger problem being lack of transparency in the data (a point the House of Commons agrees with).

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