Worlds collide!

Mixologist Todd Thrasher joins forces with my friends at to serve a tasty cocktail and discuss the archaic control and safety regulations that inhibit the craft of bartending:

I’m not sure Todd’s right that the acidity in a drink would be enough to kill bacteria in the short time between when it’s shaken and consumed, but in any case the risk of contamination is very low and we’re all adults enjoying these concoctions.

To make your own Melanie’s Pisco Pipe Dream, visit Crispy on the Outside for the recipe.

The nanny state vs. egg drinks


2 thoughts on “Worlds collide!”

  1. Wouldn’t the alcohol used be the main “killing” component followed by the acidity from the citrus? This whole liquor commision crack down is really disturbing. These aren’t hack dive bars with their own moonshine and I believe the states are well aware of that while pushing the enforcements (i.e. fines). It seems that the states with more relaxed liquor laws/ regulations though are the ones that have the most expensive license permits (typically more conservative states like AZ for example) or they only allow a certain amount of permits within the state (like PA) . Would be nice if someone looked into this and maybe came up with a simplified chart or graph comparing all 50 states in basic various aspects in laws and industry costs. Thanks for the post!

  2. @Jake B.: The alcohol and acidity would both have that effect given enough time, but it’s not immediate. The position from one expert interviewed in an earlier article is that while drinking egg drinks is pretty safe, there wouldn’t be enough time to kill bacteria if any happened to get in. He might be wrong but I’m going to withhold judgment until I see some empirical evidence.

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