I’m not a car guy…

… but lately I’ve had to pay attention to the things, since I came home from Vandy to find out I needed a new one. My first choice was the Mini Cooper, but that was too small for the cross country moving I needed to do. I liked the Jetta Wagon, but it was out of my price range. What did I end up with? The Pontiac Aztek. Hey, at least it’s not the Element.

Like most people, when I first saw the Aztek I thought it was a monstrosity. But unlike most people, I also felt deep down that someday I would own one. Now I do, and I like it a lot, despite its rhinoceros-like body and weird angles. I’m willing to believe that ugly = innovation. This guy, however, isn’t quite so forgiving.

The second car aspect of this post is this ad for Honda (“Cog,” third link from the top). This 2 minute ad was aired in April and is a wonder to behold; it required 606 takes to get it right (read a “making of” article here).

Bonus link 1: race a Mini Cooper!

Bonus link 2: Canine infedility and the importance of having good tires.

This concludes the car talk portion of jacobgrier.com.


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