Raw milk battle heats up in WI

Wisconsin may become the next state to legalize raw milk sales to the general public:

Hundreds of raw milk advocates packed a legislative hearing Wednesday, demanding the right to buy and sell unpasteurized dairy products that some claim have powerful health benefits but that detractors call dangerous.

Bills in the state Legislature would allow consumers to buy raw milk and other dairy products directly from farms and exempt farmers from liability if someone becomes ill from pathogens in the milk.

As expected, health authorities are opposing the bill on the grounds that they know better than consumers what people should put in their bodies. The Farm Bureau is opposed as well, wanting to prevent reports of tainted milk of any kind from getting into the news. It will be a victory for individual liberty and food rights if this passes the legislature.

I’m less sure of the part of the bill freeing farmers from liability. There should probably be some assumption of risk for raw milk consumers, but removing liability could end up making raw milk less safe. Unfortunately the article is short on specifics about this aspect of the bill.

[Thanks to Ryan at Inertia Wins for the pointer.]

Raw milk rebellion