This could be the start of a really bad redneck horror movie

Regular readers may remember Hogzilla, the massive wild hog killed in Georgia that John Coleman and I wrote about back in August. The beast was shot and quickly buried, leaving a striking photograph as the only proof of his existence.

I was doubtful of the animal’s existence, but a recent exhumation has revealed that it was quite real, though a bit smaller than originally claimed. Still, at eight feet long and 800 pounds, Hogzilla is indeed worthy of the name.

[Link via BoingBoing.]


  1. Zhubin says:

    Hey, sorry I couldn’t catch up to you and Barzelay last weekend. It turns out our shows were nowhere near Adams Morgan, so I couldn’t find the time to get down there.

    Next time! (I know, it’s always “next time”)

  2. Adrienne says:

    This is such an obvious reaction, but…

    DAMN, that’s a lot of bacon.

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