An entrepreneurship professor who lives what he teaches

Lots of bloggers have been amused by this story about a couple selling candles that smell like Jesus (more specifically, his robes, which are foretold to be “fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia”). Jeremy Horpedahl of The LCD was in for a bigger surprise in the story: the candles’ inventor is one of his former college professors. Bob Tosterud taught his entrepreneurship at the University of South Dakota. He’s evidently qualified to teach it, as he and his wife have sold thousands of the candles at nearly $18 a piece.

Jeremy has also written about how Tosterud would require each of his students to come up with a new business idea every day. He collected the best of these over the years and eventually published a book, Almost 500! Million Dollar Ideas for $9.95. The students do the work and he reaps the book proceeds. This guy really is a genius.


1 thought on “An entrepreneurship professor who lives what he teaches”

  1. “Candles that smell like Jesus…”

    I think I just abandoned capitalism…

    I hope they smell good. MY faith is in the balance.

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