Virtual Murky

Today’s broadcast of All Things Considered on NPR features a story on Ryan Jensen, the barista at Murky Coffee’s Eastern Market location who is competing this weekend in the United States Barista Championship (Ryan took first in the regional competition a few weeks ago). The story features quotes from Ryan and Murky founder Nick Cho. The background noises were recorded at our Clarendon location, so readers living outside the D.C. area can get the virtual barista experience by listening in (including a cameo by me calling out a “small latte on the bar.”)

Good luck to Ryan in Seattle!

[Update 4/27/05: New permanent link for the story.]

[Update 3/14/05: The longer version of the story that ran locally is also online now. Thanks, Stuart!
Direct url for RealPlayer:

The SCAA has the final results from the competition.]


3 thoughts on “Virtual Murky”

  1. Don’t forget your other cameo in the longer version of the story that aired on WAMU’s Metro Connection two days later. It’s up on their website now if you want to review your performance. You were great…no matter what Katie said!!!

  2. Ha, thanks for the vote of confidence, Stuart. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the link to work on the Metro Connection site.

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