Added Zhubin Parang’s blog to the links at left tonight, mainly because I like putting Zhubin’s and Dan Eberhart’s pages in the same list (inside joke for you Vandy political types).

Surprising as it is, this site broke the 500 unique visitors in a month mark today, and that’s with about eight days of downtime. The 1,000 mark will definitely be cause for a celebration taco.


2 thoughts on “Zhubinness”

  1. “We also had a Constitutional Law class, where it turns out I’ll be reading Lawrence v. Texas, the recent sodomy ruling the Supreme Court laid down, and Bush v. Gore, which will hopefully give me a strong legal plank to throw on the burning fire of my hatred for Bush.”

    That’s from law student Zhubin. Sheesh, Democrats. I’d put something up from law student Dan, but I guess he doesn’t have a blog. Probably too busy making money. Sheesh, Republicans. Moral of this post? Justice ain’t blind.


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