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It’s not easy to find bright spots in the last election season, but I recently came across one: it provoked physicist and science fiction author David Brin to start a weblog. Brin’s writing is consistently thought-provoking. His The Transparent Society provides an alternative and sensible outlook on emerging technologies and their impact on privacy, freedom, and accountability, while his Uplift series of novels is one of my favorites (I’ll soon begin book five of six).

Right now his weblog features an ongoing series about modernism and its enemies on both the right and the left. Installments 13 and 14 deal particularly with global warming and Michael Crichton’s State of Fear. Number 15 turns to the left via feminist sci-fi author Margaret Atwood (whom I’ve never read).

The best part item I’ve come across on his blog so far is a link to a speech he gave at the 2002 LP National Convention in which he castigates (L)libertarians for letting their ideology keep them at the margins of political debate. I was going to pull a few quotes from the piece, but there are just too many incisive remarks to choose just one or two. It’s essential reading for anyone who finds themselves a part of our “movement.” (Sorry, Adrienne.) Go. Read. Now.


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